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Commitment to Small Business

Quite often our clients ask "How can you do fast, quality web design for these prices?" Our answer is:

  • It is our avocation, as well as our vocation (yes, we're geeks), so we love it and have lots of experience to apply to it.
  • Our business model is innovative.
  • We are commited to making getting on the internet easy for the small business owner.

Our Avocation

Dave and Denise graduated high school in 1977 and 1979 -- perfect timing, since that was the advent of the PC. We've been programming on PCs since then. And we were teaching people about the internet back when email was done largely with PINE (Program for Internet News and Email, written circa 1989), few people had heard of Compuserve (much less AOL), and we had to explain to clients what a modem was.

We have years of real experience in what we do. And we happily put that experience to work for you, the small business owner.

Unique Business Model

The key to our prices is in our business model. We do most of the work ourselves, or use contract programmers. Since there are no full-time employees, we don't have the kind of administrative and payroll costs web design companies have.

Our Distributed Service Model means that your business might be located in North Carolina, but your web site is hosted on a server in Calgary, with a backup in Texas.

The person designing your site (usually Dave or Denise) is, as of Jan 2005, working in the guest room of a home where Dave and Denise are housesitting, in Airdrie, Alberta. Starting in March 2005, we will be working from a 'housesit' about 45 minutes away in the southeast of Calgary. After that, we hope to have a housesit somewhere in the south of the U.S., or in Nova Scotia. We have the freedom and mobility we want. We also have very low overhead, and plenty of time to do what we love - your website - while we pass the savings along to you.

We offer global expertise to global customers, from a variety of places in North America, all while being constantly available by email, and usually available by phone (since we don't have a full-time employee; this line is monitored by Dave and Denise, and it is not answered when we are not in the office).

Our Commitment is to You

We're not part of some larger corporation that's obsessed with its bottom line. We're more concerned with helping smaller businesses get the edge they need to compete in an affordable way.

We are committed to the entrepreneurial vision, the proprietor who has a better way to do something, and the non-profit struggling to make ends meet for a noble cause. That's why we keep our prices low. Our competition may be grabbing the big deals, but we like to think we're making a difference. Clients give us the freedom to continue this business model, pay the bills, and have the pleasure of creating their new and interesting websites.

So that's how we do it. Our clients are very pleased with the results, and we would like the opportunity to prove to you how it can work for you.