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Domain Names

We have had several clients who registered their domain name through an, unfortunately, unreliable domain registrar who kept the domain password to themselves and tried to charge a fee to sell the domain password to the owner of the domain. This is possible because, when one registers a domain name, one registers the owner, the technical contact, the administrative contact, and the billing contact. If an unscrupulous domain seller registers the domain in your name, but the technical and admin contact in their name, they get the password, and can hold it 'hostage', charging you an additional fee for you to get the password to your own domain. Be particularly careful of anyplace that claims to register your domain name for you for free - they will register it without charging you, but are likely to ask you to pay a fee to access the domain management, or to get the password. There are a number of reliable domain registrars, only couple of which are listed below.

We will register your domain name for you because some clients just don't know where to go, who is a reliable registrar, etc. However, if you prefer to register it yourself, we recommend We also use for registering .ca names. Compare their prices to the (unrecommended) high prices at at Melbourne IT Network Solutions.

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