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How to preserve the investment you have made in your website

make certain that you have a backup of your website, preferably on CD.

A number of our clients, when they retain us to create a website for them, tell us that they had a website before, but lost it.

Usually, the webhost they were using 'went under' (,, etc.) and the client didn't have a copy of the website anywhere else. Often they had lost contact with their webmaster, who may or may not have had a copy.

Unfortunately, after time passes, they realize they need a website and must pay again to have a new one created.

IN ORDER TO PROTECT YOURSELF from this, if you already have a website, contact your webmaster right now and ask them to make a copy of your website on CD or have them email a zipped copy to you (if it is not TOO large). There will probably be a fee for this service.

Or, better yet, ask them how to connect your computer to the webhost (the place where your website resides) so you can copy the entire website down to your own computer (it likely will take very little space, very little time, and can save you a lot of time and money later).

Usually, the login URL for backing up, seeing website statistics, and controlling your email addresses is

Username: the username you get or got from your webmaster or webhost

Password: the password you get or got from your webmaster or webhost

If you have an ecommerce store: Backing up your store
Please note that backing up your store is very important, as your website changes every time you add/change/delete products, and as customers sign up, buy products, etc.

You can back up your website and your store, and download the backup to your computer by following these instructions.


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