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Configuring Outlook for your email address

With your domain name at our web hosting, you have your own email addresses.

Configuring OUTLOOK to bring your email to your desktop
(these instructions are for Microsoft Outlook 2000; the steps may vary slightly for other versions of OUTLOOK)

However, most of the time, you will want to configure Outlook or OutlookExpress to read your email. Here's how:

In your Outlook, Choose



Choose MAIL tab

Choose ADD (on the upper left)

Choose MAIL (which comes out as a menu when you click ADD)


Type in the DISPLAY NAME. This is the name you want to show when they receive your email, such as 'John Smith' or 'John at'.

Click NEXT

Type in your new email address. For instance, if your username is DENISE and your new domain is YOURDOMAIN.COM, then the email address you will type here is

Click NEXT:

Your incoming mail server is where 'yourdomain' is replaced by your actual domain name.

Your outgoing mail server is the same.

Click NEXT

Type in your email address, in the first line for the account name (this is case sensitive and your email address was probably entered without any capital letters).

Type in your password in the second line (if you want OUTLOOK to remember it).

Click NEXT

Tell Outlook how you connect to the INTERNET.

Click NEXT



After you clicked FINISH, you are taken to a list of email definitions. We need to make a change to one thing that OUTLOOK did not ask us.

Since you already have tried a configuration for your email address, SELECT the address definition and click PROPERTIES to change

Under the General tab, these should be the settings, except they should reflect your email address. This is for my address and I want it to say '' in the FROM area when someone receives my email.

Under the SERVERS tab, these should be the settings, except it should be and and your *email* password (not your ftp password).

Click SETTINGS beside of MY SERVER REQUIRES AUTHENTICATION and it should say this.

Click OK.

Under the CONNECTION tab, these should be the settings (if you have cable connection)

Then click OK

Then click CLOSE on the next page.

Then send yourself an email from another email address (if you have one).

Wait, say, 10 minutes, just in case the internet is slow.

While you are waiting, Click ACTIONS, NEW MESSAGE, write a message to, say, me, or to another email address of yours. DO NOT PRESS THE SEND BUTTON. Click the little arrow beside of the send button. It should give you a list of available 'senders'. Choose the email address you just defined and CLICK. It will send using that email address.

After your 10 minutes is up, click SEND AND RECEIVE


Your default email address is currently the same as your USERNAME. To add more email addresses, go to:
Type in your username and then your ftp password, and click MAIL MENU and click ADD/REMOVE ACCOUNTS.

Accessing your email with WEBMAIL:

You can access the webmail by going to:
Type in your username and then your ftp password, and click MAIL MENU and click WEBMAIL to read your email, or click WEBMAIL on the first menu, depending on which version of CPANEL is on your server.