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Contact Us

There are a lot of ways to contact us. The preferred method, for us, is by email. It is often the BEST method to contact us as we now live full-time in our RV or in other people's home (we are professional housesitters, see, and our cel phones are often not available, and we are in a different time zone than most of our clients..

Email Offices Without Walls

Of course, some people prefer to actually speak to a human being live, and we understand that.

We used to have a toll free number, which forwarded to one of our cel phones. We had a lot of incomplete and dropped calls, and calls where the phone didn't ring. THE MOST COMMON CONCERN WE HEARD FROM OUR CLIENTS IS THAT THE VOICE MAIL RARELY KICKED IN, SO THEY COULDN'T NOTIFY US THAT THEY CALLED. The toll free to cell phone system did not provide reliable phone service for our customers and so we have discontinued it.

You can call us by our internet phone at 1 866 946 4469. Denise, the primary webmaster, usually answers the phone herself. If we are not able to answer it, perhaps we are at the grocery store, on the other line with another client, or otherwise not able to answer the phone. PLEASE leave a voice mail. We will respond as quickly as we can.

1 801 822 0565

You can fax us or leave a voice mail at:

1 (206) 202-2837

And, of course, snail mail for sending money orders, photos, etc.

mail: 402 - 3 - 644 Portland Street, Dartmouth, NS B2W 2M3

Emergency Backup Contact:

If is down for any reason, you can contact us at Each of these websites is hosted on a different server, so both should never be down at the same time.