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You are AWESOME!!! And, too cheap!!! The site looks super.

Dave, Aug 18, 2005,

Thank you very much, I appreciate your great service.

Martin, Aug 15, 2005,

You are the best!! Thanks.

Joanna, Aug 11, 2005,

I am pleased!!! Looks great ... I appreciate all your hard work on this. I can not thank you enough! Your creative work is wonderful! I have signed up for a year of webhosting with your company. If you need a testimonial of how easy it is to work with you, feel free to contact me.

Mark, July 28, 2005,

Everyone is commenting on how wonderful, awesome, beautiful the site is! Thank you again for thinking to use the [stained glass] window as the template. It really makes the site!

Bonnie, July 22, 2005,

Thanks! It looks great! I am so glad I found you!

Daphne, July 19, 2005,

Thank you Denise! It looks awesome!. Yes, I got all the information! The site is exactly what I was after, nice clean layout and excellant administration. Thank You again!

Greg Brown, July 8, 2005,

Denise, It looks wonderful!! You have done a great job!! THANK YOU!! I LOVE IT!!

Beth, July 5, 2005,

Thanks Denise I really appreciate it. I love the site!!! What a difference from the one I used to have!!!

Peggy, June 26, 2005,

I just referred you to another gal. Thanks!

Jennifer G., June 23, 2005,

I was away for a few days and I think it looks "FANTASTIC". I never wanted to do flash but your idea was GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!! I WANT TO PAY YOU THE EXTRA FOR IT SO BILL ME.

Phil, June 18, 2005,

Thank you so much for everything.

Jinean, June 1, 2005,

Still getting lots of compliments on my website!!! You have done a really great job!!! I will definitely recommend your services!

Sharon, May 10, 2005,

First of all, I LOVE my website. You are great. I will be telling everyone I know about you and my site. I really just feel that you sense my taste. Thanks!

Michele, April 19, 2005,

YOU FOLKS ARE THE BEST! I always feel like I can count on you. I sure hope this email finds you both happy & healthy!

Joe, April 16, 2005,

I just wanted to thank you again for all your help. You rock!

Beth, March 31, 2005,

If ever we come up with a new idea for a website, hope we can call on you for assistance. Happy Easter.

Bryan, March 27, 2005

Thanks so much Denise! Everything looks great!

Shalynne, March 24, 2005,

I had a couple of my students take a look. They both said, "It's Going
Hard!" That means it is good (in their language).

Chris, March 23, 2005,


Tom, March 18, 2005

Hi Denise. This is wonderful thanks so much. I love it.

Yolly, March 10, 2005

Thank you for informing that it is time to renew my domain name, but I have
decide that I no longer want to keep the site. Thank you for your great
coroperation in building my site, and I definetly plan on working working
with you in the future.

Bernard, January 10, 2005

What can I say, you are the best! I left you some awesome feedback on ebay. Hopefully it helps your business. Have a Merry Christmas.

Jorge, December 9, 2004,

You are awesome. your response time is phenomenal, and I really appreciate your work. Thanks for making our website so quickly and with such quality. You are fantastic. I have left you positive feedback and am looking forward to working with you more.

I will also highly recommend you to anyone looking for web design.

Bill, October 29, 2004,

Thank you very much for your help. I'll definitely use you in the future.

Randy, October 7, 2004,

Denise - you are fantastic. I will, without a doubt, choose you to set up any web page I have in the future. Thank you for your fantastic communication and service. Thanks again.

John, October 4, 2004

I appreciate the quick turn around and the great communication. It was a pleasure working with you.

Nicole, September 3, 2004

Damn. I love you people more and more every day. Awesome!!

Lex, June 21, 2004

That is why I like working with you and Dave so much, it is really easy to communicate with you.

Vito, June 11, 2004

WOW! Thank you so much! Your company is great! I appreciate everything you have done. I will definitely be leaving positive feedback... for your service overall, but primarily based on your attentive helpful & reliable customer service.

John, May 26, 2004

I deliberated and looked at around a dozen packages, several developers and a few online systems for developing my e-commerce store. I wanted a very specific look and also wanted the "backend" to be easy and have all the features I needed: customizable shipping, reports, integration with my own merchant account, ability to change product attributes (like sizes or colors), etc. Where one system was strong on one thing, others were not. It was looking like I would have to have it custom designed which is VERY expensive - I am well aware of this because I am in the industry and know what I charge my clients when I have to have someone else develop a site for them.

So... I saw Offices Without Walls and emailed them some questions. They seemed to have everything I wanted so I called and spoke with Denise who was friendly, professional and answered all my questions with patience. The site we built together (I did all the graphics, they did all the programming) can be found at - I'm not near being done... it's a process you know.

In all fairness and honesty there is one thing I don't like about their ecommerce software - the products attributes. It's not quite as user friendly as some others I have used. But, you need to understand this is a very minor issue in comparison to all the other issues I have seen and all the other software I tested. If you are still concerned, ask them for a demo of the backend... that way you can see how things work in entering all your products in.

I hope this helps!

PS - I have also had them do some additional work for me in customizing this package and found their rates to be more than reasonable!

Mary, May 13, 2004,

You're the best.

Tim, 11 May 2004,

It is absolutely fabulous!!!!!! I am giving you a recommendation on that is a message board for airbrush tanning. Hopefully you will hear from some of them!!!

Lu, April 28, 2004

DAMN YOU DID A GOOD JOB! It came out better than I expected!

Bernard, April 19, 2004

The site looks absolutely fabulous !!!! Please thank your hubby for me !!!!

Candy, April 5, 2004,

Hi Denise, Wow, is all I can say. Once again, you have superseded my expectations.

Tegi, Toronto, April 4, 2004

Never let it be said that you don't take care of your customers! :)

Ron, Houston, April 1, 2004

Denise, You guys are great...super hard workers!

Joe, March 26, 2004,

Denise, you're the GREATEST! You went 'over the top' on this! It's Fantastic! I'll be passing your name along to anyone I hear looking to get a site built! I Love it!!

Curtis, March 26, 2004,

We are very happy with your work and would be happy to be used as a reference. We would be happy to do a testimonial should you want one.

Derrill, March 22, 2004,

Dave may be the wizard, but what a great team you guys seem to make. I always say: "behind every great man is an even greater woman."

Joe, March 18, 2004,

This was very quick and painless. You make this process an easy one. Thanks again.

Marty, March 15, 2004,

Fantastic! I am so pleased with the way its turned out...

Anyway, I just wanted to let you know I love the way the other site has turned out and am looking forward to working on the next one with you.

Ron, March 13, 2004,

Denise ... I'm really proud of my investigative site!!! and would like for you to design another site ...

Todd, March 11, 2004,

Wow! I am impressed. The layout is great. You have anticipated our needs perfectly.

Tegi, February 21, 2004

I think your Customer Service is GREAT.

Joanne, February 17, 2004,

Great job overall. I'll be sending recommendations to anyone I can. I hope you are as profitable as you are talented...

Paul, February 11, 2004

I'm very pleased and very thankful that I've ran into you...I like that you get things done ASAP and don't put me off...I have already recommended you to several friends, and one of them will probably be calling you sometime next month!

Tad, Arkansas, Jan 28, 2004


Joe, New York, Jan 28, 2004,

Hello Denise Thank You very much, I'm VERY IMPRESSED WITH THE DESIGN.

Moses, Maryland, Jan 15, 2004

Very nice. I'm proud of you for the help you've given Kiki in getting, what I would consider, the hottest site on the web.

Bill, Georgia, Jan 15, 2004

You guys are amazing, changed so quickly. I just checked my web site looks great !!!!!!!!!. Where were you guys before?

Suhail, Connecticut, Jan 14, 2004

Oh my God! The site looks awesome! You are a saint! Thank you so much.

Angela, New Jersey, Jan 13, 2004

Thank you very much, that was super fast .... After we are done with this site, I [would] like you to make more sites for me.

Marco, California, Jan 13, 2004

I don't know how you do as much work as you do for the price you charge .... You're doing a great job ....

Gary, Texas , Jan 12, 2004,

I love it!

Kelli, Maryland, Jan 11, 2004,

The website looks awesome! I am so excited! I like the way you set up everything! .... You have done an awesome job!!!!

Kiki, Georgia, Jan 10, 2004

Thank you so much. You are wonderful. I really appreciate the work that you've put in. You are very professional!!! Thanks again.

Angela, New Jersey, Jan 2004

Thanks again! I'm very happy so far and will definitely recommend you to anyone else I know who decides to get a web site in the future.

John, Alberta, Jan 2004

Site looks GREAT! Thank you very much, you did an awesome job! Can I email you if I need anything in the future?

Karren, Pennsylvania, Jan 2004

We are very impressed and have been singing your praises everywhere.

Heather, Ontario, Dec 2003

We like our first site really well and are ... looking forward to another one.

Carla, Georgia, Dec 2003

Thanks so much for taking care of this so quickly!!

Monica, Illinois, Dec 2003

It looks great ! You are out doing your self.

Harry, British Columbia, Dec 2003

Thanks, looks much better. Will start getting stuff ready for our other site.

Tom, Saskatchewan, Dec 2003

Hey Denise, I like how you work...very quickly.

Jeremy, Minnesota, Dec 2003

I am very happy with the work you’ve done.

Cordell, Illinois, Dec 2003

Thank you and the site looks GREAT!

Carla, Georgia, December 2003

You're communication really has been excellent by the way.

John, Alberta, Dec 2003

Great! .... Thanks so much.

Wanda, West Virginia, Nov 2003

Your designs are AWESOME. The site is awesome and I love it.

Lori, Texas, Nov 2003

The website looks great!

Raynelle, Alberta, Nov 2003,

Thank you! You have been very helpful - if i hear of anyone needing a website I will be sure to send them your way!

Garrett, British Columbia, Nov 2003

Oh my God! I just opened this email. I love them! I am really keen on the last one with the K-9 Treats background. It is brilliant....subliminal advertising! I really want to use that. Perry was looking at it too and is very impressed with your skills. .... KUDOS to you!!!

Karen, Alberta, Oct 2003,

Hi Denise .....The site looks awesome!!!!!

Linda, Alberta, Oct 2003

You have done a great job with the web page.

Mike, Michigan, Oct 2003

Hey the site looks good ... you work fast, faster than I supply the information.

Doug, Alberta, Oct 2003

I would like to tell you how wonderful the sight looks, and how impressed everyone is with it, so please be proud of it.

Shelly, Colorado, April 2003

Thanks for all of your great help!

Roger, Alberta, Feb 2003

Looks good! And the email is working!

Ghyslaine, Alberta, July 2002

Works like a charm! Site looks fantastic!

Brian, Alberta, May 2002