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Getting Visitors to your website

"I want to be #1 in all the search engines."

The problem, of course, is that EVERYONE wants to be #1 in all the search engines. This deserves more space and time than we can give it, but here is some information to manage your expectations.

For almost any keyword or phrase on the major search engines there are thousands or millions of sites vying for just the first 10 places on the first page. Are you really devoting all your promotion time to beating those kinds of odds?

No one on the internet can guarantee first page results. And everyone on the internet can guarantee first page results. If I go to and search for '' (my website), I get to be #1 on Yahoo, However, almost no new customers would search for the name of my company, so that #1 ranking does me no good to attract new customers. I need to be able to rank well on search terms that visitors actually do searches for, and that is tougher and can't be guaranteed. Why can't it be guaranteed?

(a) Because every search engine has a different algorithm. You're almost always going to do better on one engine than another because the algorithm matches your site characteristics better.

(b) because search engines change their algorithms. Google does on a regular basis, and they change their indexes. It's called the 'Google Dance' and it effects their search engine rankings everytime they do it, and they do it regularly, Yahoo majorly changed their algorithm on February 18, 2004, and it rocked a lot of search engine rankings,

(c) because a lot of search engines results are determined by bidding on ranking, and your competitors can outbid you. We can get you in the first page for many search engines, but it requires consistent work to STAY there because your competitors may continue to outbid you. And eventually it doesn't make economic sense to bid on that phrase. If the phrase 'web design' costs about One Dollar Fifty Cents per click and if it takes 100 clicks to make a sale (it does) and my average revenue per sale is Two Hundred Dollars, that doesn't make economic sense, so I must look at alternative ways to attract customers.

(d) because for one major search engine (, humans decide who gets in and not. I can submit your site, and submit it well, but have no real control over when or if it is included.

There are a number of things that we can do to make your website palatable to search engines. We also have a lot of free information about search engine optimization on this page and our costs for certain search engine optimization work are here. We warn you against anyone who PROMISES certain results in the search engines; and we will be happy to work with you in this matter if you would like for us to.