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Getting Visitors to your website

Don't put all of your eggs in the search engine basket

Free advice - from one of our colleagues

First of all, don't fall for any of the "Click here to submit your website to 10 Billion search engines!" offers. At best, you'll simply lose your money.

[Denise's note: At worst, you may get banned from the big search engines for participating in free-for-all links, or for multiple submissions.]

Next, get some high quality links into your site from other sites, which will let the major search engines "find" your site on their own. This method is by far faster (and you'll get higher rankings) than submitting. You NEVER need to submit a site to Google.

Next, submit your site to the major directories, starting with the Open Directory Project (

Finally, seek out smaller niche search engines and manually submit your URL (Re-read the first paragraph).
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