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Getting Visitors to your website

Search engine recommendations

First of all, here are a few recommendations, that we make to clients all of the time. We do not benefit in any way from making any of these recommendations (we don't get a commission from Google, ebay, SiteProNews or; we recommend them because they work).

We use Google Adwords, for web design (on and off), our housesitting business and book (, etc., and are finding that we are pleased. It's fast (you can usually have ads running in about 15 minutes), and you can set daily and monthly budgets. And you only pay when visitors come to your site.

We also find that selling our web design or products on ebay is a good deal for our advertising dollar (even if we don't make a lot of money on our web design auction; people often want more than the auction package and so we make additional money). We get from 35-100 clicks for about One Dollar Twenty Cents, which is a lot better than we can do on pay-per-click search engines.

We also have used It is free and he has fabulous, unalderated advice. Not search marketing hype. Common-sense, and knowledgeable advice. He accepts donations from people who think his service was worthwhile. We have donated money to him because we thought it was a good service, and so have a number of our clients.

Subscribe to SiteProNews. It's the only newsletter Denise takes the time to read everyday; it is full of information and often links to other resources we use. Here's one of the best issues, we think. Also, take a look at their archives; in particular, look for the "Don't Put All Your Promotion Eggs In The SEO Basket" By Gary McHugh (June 22, 2005). There's a wealth of information in the archives and in subscribing to the newsletter.

All prices are in US Dollars