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Getting Visitors to your website

Our fee-for-service Getting Visitors To Your Website
Action Plan

We get a lot of requests about search engine optimization and submissions.

And we have had fair success at getting our clients in the search engines quickly. However, we make no claims to guarantee results, rankings, or inclusions. The players and the rules in search engine optimization change frequently and nothing can be guaranteed except that it will change.

SEO [search engine optimization] is nothing more than educated guesswork. Why do I say that? Simple, because Google, Yahoo and MSN do NOT tell SEO experts how they order their results. Just the opposite, they regularly change how their results are ordered to stay one step ahead of the SEO experts. Why do they do that? Because they do not want their results manipulated, period!

Don't take my word for this, go and get the words from the horse's mouth here.


If you purchase an Optimization Action Plan from us, think of it in the same way as buying a classified ad from your newspaper. Your newspaper doesn't guarantee that your car or eight-track tape player will sell. But they do promise use their expertise, assets, and distribution system, to type up your ad, include it in the newspaper, and distribute the paper so that the ad is available if people want to read it.

If you purchase one of the action plans below, we promise to perform certain identifiable actions for or to your website that we know from our experience (and the experience of published authors on the subject who we study and trust) will increase the likelihood that visitors will come to your site. We promise to use our experience and best efforts on your behalf to apply well-established principles to attract visitors to your site. However, we cannot gurantee results, just like your local newspaper can't promise that you car will sell.

And never forget that there are LOTS of ways to get visitors to your site, besides through the search engines.

Am I saying that you shouldn't optimize your site for search engines? Of course not. I am saying that you will find a lot less success with your website if you rely solely on search engines and search engine optimation for your traffic. For additional ideas about marketing your website, click here.

Now that we have said that, please read below to see our offered Optimization Action Plans.

Beginning Optimization Action Plan

We recommend that you start with this package and monitor the progress of your website for a month or so. If, after that, you are interested in something more advanced, we will talk with you on the phone or be email to create something customized to your industry, locale, audience, budget, and website.






Does anyone have a link to your site?

If not, none of the search engines, or any people, will find it. It's like you have an island with no highway, or airport, and you wonder why no one visits. Links from other sites are roads to your site and are absolutely necessary.

We will put a link from our site to yours



Not only will traffïc arrive via those links, but a site with lots of incoming links does better in search engines than sites with few links.

We will arrange for a link from 3 other sites to yours
Can your visitors easily recommend your site to someone else? Again, in the spirit of making it easy for others to send visitors to your site, you should have a link on your site for people to recommend it to their friends. We will include a 'tell a friend' script on your site
Can your visitors easily return to your site? See paragraph We will include a 'bookmark' script on your site and a favicon for your site.

Keywords Action Plan and Fitness Analysis

Issue Explanation Action
Keyword research

Purpose: To determine through statistical research the best set of keywords for you to market in order to get traffic to your site. We need you to give us the 5 words or phrases that you think are best for your site, such as:

dogs,cats,pets,dog grooming,pet sitting,pet supplies

We will then do research to determine what phrases are commonly searched for on the internet, that perhaps hadn't occurred to you, or relevant keywords such as your locale (i.e., Airdrie, Alberta).

-for instance, various spellings and misspellings of your keywords that are commonly used by users by accident on the internet (in this case, say, 'petsitting' in addition to 'pet sitting'). It is also very common for users to type 'web desing' instead of 'web design'.

We will also do research to determine what keywords your competitors are using (even if they are a petsitting website far away, they can be a 'competitor' for search engine ranking)

We will do one hour to 1.5 hours of research and report back to you regarding our findings.

Our findings may be a complete list of keywords, along with a recommendation about which keywords will be most cost-effective to focus on.

Depending on how expansive and/or competitive your field is, our findings may also include a recommendation that additional research is required.

Labelling ALT tags

First, what are ALT tags? They are the words which describe pictures. Search engine spiders can't see a picture. ALT tags are words inserted to tell the spider what the picture is. It is common to use a lot of keywords in these decriptions, to help the search engines index your site.

Label images on up to 10 pages

Fitness Analysis

Issue Explanation Action
Check for broken internal and external links

Excessive broken links drive visitors away and cause search engines to ignore pages of your site, or lower your ranking.

Although website may not have broken links when it is developed, as other people's domains and websites are changed, your links to outside websites may be broken. Ocassionally, there may even be a mistake on your site that causes a broken link to one of your own pages.

We will check for broken links and repair them if necessary
Load time check The larger and more your graphics on your website, the longer the webpage takes to appear for your visitor. A long wait for graphics encourages visitors to move on to another website.  
Meta Tag check    
Spelling check    
Keyword check   Provide you with a before and after report card of your site

Cost for the Beginning Optimization Action Plan

One Hundred Twenty Dollars


We offer other search engine optimation options; please contact us so we can discuss them with you, to customize them to fit your needs.